About us

DEGGEH® Foods Inc. is one of the leading producer, manufacturer and distributor of 100% all natural, high quality, organic African foods and health products from West Africa serving the African and Caribbean communities in North America and Europe. Established in 2006, Deggeh® produces and processes products grown in its own farms in The Gambia, West Africa to ensure the quality and integrity of its products.

Deggeh® holds FDA and USDA permits for meat and food processing and farming, processing and manufacturing practices and conditions in The Gambia are aligned with FDA and USDA regulations and health standards. Deggeh® is also the home of the all natural, organic Natural Healings® Moringa, the "The Miracle Tree" considered to be the most nutrient-rich plant on earth with over 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants. Deggeh® Natural Healings® Moringa, is used to cure over 300 diseases along with multiple benefits to the human body including the immune, cardiovascular and neurological systems. Deggeh® Foods Inc. is owned and operated by Tejan Ahmed Koita, an industrious Gambian born entrepreneur with a deep commitment to and passion for what he does. Armed with a background in Business Management and natural business savvy, Tejan owned and operated an African retail grocery market in New York from 2003 to 2006.

While doing this, he came to the realization that is there a big need for a better source of healthier, more natural, higher quality African food products with higher processing standard. In 2006, he founded Deggeh® Foods Inc and embarked on providing just that! Tejan and Deggeh® Foods International are committed to helping local farmers in the Gambia and frequently provide chemical free fertilizers, seeds, best practices advice on natural chemical free farming and buying their products.

The company is registered in the USA as Deggeh Foods Inc. and in The Gambia as Deggeh Foods International. Deggeh® and Natural Healings Moringa® are registered trademarks, Serial Number 77035890 filed in 2006 and Serial Number 85559363 filed in 2012 respectively. Deggeh® products are available at your local neighborhood African and Caribbean supermarkets or stores in the USA and in Canada and Europe.